Ricardo Recommends


My all-time favorite charity. Lean, efficient, holistic approach to raising awareness and empowering people and communities in the Third World.



One of the best ways to make a difference in the world, person-to-person. Got 25 bucks to lend to someone in the Third World? Then click here and feel the amazing power of being able to help.


Energy Healing Work with Julie Jameson of All Points Healing

Sometimes physical and emotional imbalances need a little more than just yoga – if so, you will find you can move through your blocks with ease and grace thanks to Julie’s healing and energy work


Meditation Music by Karma Moffett

Most music has melodic structure – which prevents deep introspection. Karma Moffett’s remarkable use of Tibetan bells and nature sounds holds your attention without interfering with your introspection.


Books and Music related to or for yoga practice

People often ask me about this. For a mellow yoga practice try entering (without quotes) “Anugama” or “Karunesh” or “Magna Canta” or “CG Deuter” in the search box below. Or, for a more intense yoga practice, enter “Diane Arkenstone” or “Cusco” or “Chorus of Tribes” or “Sacred Spirit” Then click the “Go” button. Or spin the carousel below to view or order from the most common suggestions I offer.