If pratyahara is sense withdrawal, is there a limb having to do with sense immersion instead? ‘Cause, you know, that sounds a little more fun.

Hero's Pose-Virasana - Ricardo das NevesEvery day is sense immersion day. It’s when you become still enough and unstimulated enough that your attention and energy is turned inward.

And I’d want to do that because…?

It stops you from just reacting automatically to stimulus. If you always react with anger every time someone yells at you “Spiritual dimwit!” you never evolve.


That was just an example. You need not feel alluded to. But if on the other hand you quiet down your senses (by lying down, still, in a quiet room, for instance, or practice these hand positions over your face that block most sensory input so you just hear yourself breathe, then it’s as though all the energy that went into the world “out there” is now available “in here” to observe and be present. Upon which you’re ready for Dharana, or One-Pointedness.