About Ricardo

Yoga - Ricardo das NevesAlthough I started in Integral Yoga, a fairly gentle and introspective approach to yoga, through the years, and with the encouragement of my first teacher, I began to explore other main schools of hatha yoga, such as Iyengar, Astanga, and Kripalu.

[Does anybody actually read these things? You just want to look at the pictures, right? So why am I writing this?]

I found that although the introspective qualities of Integral yoga appealed to me, so did the methodical precision of Iyengar and the flowing quality of Astanga.

[Blah blah blah. Hey, I faked the picture on the left. I’m actually standing up with my arm holding up the ceiling. Turn your screen upside down and check it out.]

In spirit, my current approach to yoga most resembles the dynamic flow of Astanga; however, I freely incorporate ideas from other traditions so as to keep the practice of yoga fresh, interesting, and a constant discovery.

[So two yogis walk into a bar …]

Beyond yoga, my personal interests revolve around writing fiction (novels and screenplays) as well as nonfiction. I’m also a little addicted to assembling just the right mix of music for my yoga classes (Enigma, anyone?) into nature photography (the photos scattered through this website are all ones I took), musical composition, DJ’ing for Ecstatic Movement gatherings, and social causes (sustainable development in Third World countries being particularly close to my heart – Oxfam and Kiva.org especially)

[Okay, is it me, or is someone too enamored of himself on this page?]