Visual Yoga Blog: The Knuckle Spine Release

Visual Yoga Blog: The Knuckle Spine Release

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The knuckle spine release is not to be confused with that time back in 9th grade when your brutish cousin hit you in the back.

Instead, think of it as a yogi lying down on a bed of nails, except you’re not lying on a bed, it’s not made of nails, and your knuckles stand in for a hard bump in the mattress.

The Pose:

1. Place your fists  on either side of your spine and as high up your back as you can.

2. Lie on your back with your hands in this position and use your body weight to sink into your fists.

3. Let the muscles lining the spine soften against your knuckles. Stay for 10-30 seconds, breathing slowly.

Benefits: Great release of shoulder and back tightness, plus helps to increase shoulder range of motion.

Avoid If: If you can’t get your arms comfortably in this position, skip it altogether. After all, when lying down on your fists, you should be able to relax completely.

Final Thoughts: Yes, it looks a little weird to be lying on the floor looking like a bug that landed on its back and can’t get up, but if you do this on top of your yoga mat, your kids or your sweetheart will walk by you, ignoring you. Your cat, on the other hand, might climb on you.


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